FinEst Link open stage for the developers of new technologies

Digitalization is reforming transport services and business models already now. In infrastructure projects with a long time perspective, one has to take into account also the fundamental technology developments in transportation. For these reasons the FinEst Link project is now launching an open international challenge for technology developers to provide new solutions of two types:

1. How the fixed link (i.e. a tunnel) to connect Helsinki and Tallinn could be designed and implemented? What could be the best technology and implementation model in terms of economy, impacts and risks?

2. How the present transport system and services based on fast ferries could be improved in terms of economy, impacts and risks*?

* The companies with ideas to improve the current transportation system can also participate in the Prototron autumn round by October 29th. In scope of Prototron and FinEst Link project cooperation, ideas will have a chance to meet with relevant mentors and specialists, as well as get a valuable legal support from Hedman Lift in compliance with legal obligations. The entrepreneurs with the best idea will be awarded with up to 10,000 EUR grant for realization of their project.

With this challenge and by providing an open stage for developers of transport infrastructures, technologies and services developers, the FinEst Link project aims to involve all interested stakeholders already during the project. The tunnel and the conventional fast train concept can then be compared with competing new technologies. Proposals will become part of final results of FinEst Link to be presented to the political decision makers in Finland, Estonia and the EU.

Entries and evaluation

The interested parties are first asked to register their participation in the challenge by sending an email to with the subject line “FinEst Link new technologies challenge” explaining the company/organization in question with contact person mentioned. The deadline for registrations is 31.10.2017.

Participants will then be provided with further information on how to present their proposals either 1) on the fixed link; alternative technologies and implementation models, or 2) how the present system of transportation could be improved in terms of technologies, services and business models.

The participants will be asked to provide their proposals and justifications to be based on common baseline data provided by the organizer after registration:

  • the geological data from the survey on the structure of the seabed between Helsinki and Tallinn
  • general cost estimations in tunnel construction
  • transport statistics and future demand estimations
  • technical concept of conventional rail tunnel
  • information on planning requirements in Tallinn and in Helsinki

The proposal should address the following aspects:

Facilitated daily commuting: travel time, ticket price
Smooth travel chains: 60 min. door-to-door labour market accessibility, access to global flight connections
Effective freight transport chains: delivery time, frequency, freight safety, price
Improved sustainability: less direct emissions, improved life cycle sustainability
Improved safety and security: implementation risks, risks of incidents and accident
Improved traffic management in city centres:  less congestion in city centres
Economic viability: need of public support, effects on market competition

All entries meeting the evaluation indicators above and based on common baseline data provided by the projects, are provided a possibility to present their case at the final conference in February 2018 in Tallinn. Selected proposals are included in the final recommendations to be presented to the political decision-makers and the public.


Public announcement and registration of participants: by 30th October 2017 (participants will receive more detailed instructions and background materials via email)
Submission date: December 2017
Evaluation of the proposals: January 2018
Presenting the new technologies solutions at the final conference: February 2018 in Tallinn

For further information:
Kari Ruohonen, FinEst Link Project Director
+358 40 504 5170