Six pilots chosen to better the mobility flows in Harbors

In total six companies were chosen to implement their pilots during the year 2018. Pilots focus on improving the mobility flows of all the passengers groups of West Harbor and Old City Harbor. The setup and development work of the pilots will take place during the early months of 2018 and actual piloting will start during summer and fall. Parties interested in participating in the pilots are welcome to ask for more information.

First pilot is implemented by GoSwift will develop a service dedicated to truck drivers and fleet operators, that will let them know exactly when they should drive to the ferry terminal gates. This service will ensure that trucks arrive Just-On Time, even when the traffic is dense, and don’t have to wait by the port gates in the city.

Second pilot is carried out by Coreorient ltd. Their focus is to help private car users travelling between the harbors to share their ride with other passengers on their way to same directions from their homes, ferries or public transport hubs. Service will make the travelling almost as easy as with using your own car but helps to save in the expenses and reduces congestion in the harbor areas.

Third pilot is run by Tilgi Suomi ltd and they will offer the passengers with shuttle bus type of solution to ease the travel from nearby points of interested for instance Ruoholahti metro station or Viru center to harbor. Solution will offer an app and web based solutions which offer information to the passengers.

Fourth pilot is developed by infrotripla to introduce a real time and predictive traffic information system in the harbor area. It will make the traffic management more efficient and lessen the congestion caused by periodically increasing traffic.

In the fifth pilot Fleetrange ltd aims to solve the automated and real-time ETA/schedule tracking of ferry traffic between he West Harbor and the Old Old Port of Tallinn in order to help streamline all modes of transport on this route. The main deliverable is a real-time API-service for use by other service providers or application developers, such as other project partners, the Cities own infrastructure system, ferry companies etc.

The last pilot will be implemented by Kyyti group to offer a easy and accessible solution to Aviapolis area and to Helsinki airport from the West harbor by utilizing public transport and shared taxi options.


The pilots will carry on till early 2019 and they focus on both creating more sustainable less congested traffic as well as to better the user experience of the travelers.