The FinEst Link project: a feasibility study of the Helsinki-Tallinn fixed link

The FinEst Link project, part-funded by the Central Baltic Program, carries out a feasibility study of the Helsinki-Tallinn fixed link (railway tunnel) in 2016-2018. The feasibility study focuses on the technical, economic and business viability of the railway tunnel vision.
The FinEst Link project is led by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council in the partnership with Cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, Harju County, Finnish Transport Agency and the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications.

Helsinki-Tallinn in 30 minutes

Helsinki and Tallinn together form an economic region of approximately 1,5 million inhabitants. The economic and social interaction and mobility of people between the two cities is continuously and strongly increasing. The cities have potential to develop into a fully integrated twin-city concept. This, however, would entail multimodal transport connections – while there currently exists only sea and air connections – and a considerably shorter travel time between the two cities. A 90 km long railway tunnel would cut the travel time between Helsinki-and Tallinn down to 30 minutes.
A railway tunnel would also improve freight logistics in the whole catchment area of the Helsinki-Tallinn twin cities and positively contribute to its international competitiveness.
According to a pre-feasibility study (2015, part-funded by the seed money facility of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region) a railway tunnel could be economically feasible. The total cost estimate of the tunnel project was estimated at 9-13 billion euros. If the project received 40% of public funding of the total costs, the project could be economically sustainable.
After project initiation, financial negotiations and project planning the construction of the tunnel could start in 2025 at the earliest, and the railway tunnel could be operational in the 2030’s.

Contact details

Project Director Kari Ruohonen (infrastructure expertise, project tenders) tel +358 40 4045 170

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